The youth

This text was written based on the June 10, 2020 #EcritHebdo (“weekly writing”)
challenge to write a text starting with “Hé ! Les jeunes” (“Hey! The youth”).
This was done in just 15 minutes from concept to publishing.

Hey !

The youth have gone.

We saw they weren’t involved in their studies; we wondered how they would find a job later.

We saw they weren’t involved in their jobs; we wondered how long they were going to keep them.

We saw they weren’t involved in politics; we wondered how they thought they would change the world.

We saw them not getting any wiser or settling down. All that seemed to matter to them was hanging together and having a good time.

We were wondering whether they would ever find their place in the world.

And this morning, they’re gone.



At the same time.

They have not moved en masse in disused, empty buildings. The buildings are still disused and empty.

They are not roaming the roads looking for somewhere to go. The roads are still full of cars and trucks, but these are just the same as everyday.

They haven’t gone through deserted countrysides and into abandoned farms. Countrysides are still abandoned.

They are nowhere on the planet.

We were wondering how they would find their place in the world.

Now, we know.

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