Late Summer

This short story is the result of‘s “challenge” found there. Four images, 50 words per image. It is a followup to the previous such challenge response.

I wake up. So I should have died, but I haven’t.

Snow did reach the lake side… and then stopped short.

Also nausea and dizziness are gone. In fact I feel sharper than ever before. I see sharper too.

I can’t help bursting “What the fuck?”

“Maybe I can explain.”


She’s wearing a headwrap, but… she’s got hair?

Her skin is so pure I would feel jealous if I still had feelings.

“Our expedition found you. I stayed to take care of you. They will pick us up on their way back to the Citadel.”

She’s my first angel ever.


“Tell me about the Citadel.”

“It faces the sun to keep us warm. Its weathervane beaconed other survivors toward us. As they rallied us, we built new housings eastwide. Now we go and help people like you, too far or weak to come by themselves.”

“Like a new Eden, then.”


“How come I did not die?”

She points to the cherry blossoms she put in place of the dried lemons.

“Their tree looked dead in the winter. Summer came and it bloomed. You are blooming again too.”

I stay silent for a while. Then :

“Will you help me stand up ?”

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