Off Season

This short story is the result of‘s “challenge” found there. Four images, 200 words. Didn’t know if that meant 200 words per image or 50, and I like my shorts shorts. 🙂

Snow has been building up. Again. Over the previous layers.

I should have gotten used to it by now, but haven’t.

Most of the awnings have given in already, and some of the plastic bikeshed rooftops too.

Yesterday a whole house collapsed under the snow.


So I left the village and trudged on the snow until I got to the groves, then into the forest. Less snow there – for now.

I went on and reached the lake shore.

There’s a house there, facing east and protected from some of the wind, so it’s cold but there’s no snow.


The people who lived there liked their morning sun. There’s a room with big double French windows facing the lake, lots of sunlight, and heat.

Quite warm inside.

For the first time in… weeks ? I can take my parka and sweater and shirt off. My skin feels warm and free – save the purpura.


There’s lemons in the kitchen.

I should eat them except they’ve been in the open for so long…

Anyway : In a few days’ time they’ll probably look more lively than I will then. I already have nausea, and dizziness is settling in.

Goodbye, y’all.

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